Monday, 4 March 2013

Princess Diaries...

So long farewell.. its time to say goodbye,

I am not alive.. so mustn't I die?
Dead live forever.. those live need to die.

I am a princess.. I am no ordinary,
That's the life.. that's my destiny.

I live in a golden cage.. they call it my home,
I have them all.. but I am one still feel alone.

Love they all claim.. I know, me they hate,
O dear sun early I rise.. yet always so late.

Star in my eyes.. I look up to the sky,
I find a dark land.. how hard should I try.

From my little window.. I see children play,
In my cage sitting.. I shall only pray.

The strangest paths.. I have to follow alone,
Not even God find me.. worthy of a clone.

Bird I see as my friend.. They want freedom,
My Friends want wings.. will fly any random.

Their chirping is my voice.. sweet melody or sad song,
Go my friend find your home.. I can't even come along.

Mine is another world.. set myself free to explore,
I shall meet new angels.. swim to the deepest core.

Time has come to Rest in peace.. O' little princess,
Visit secret gardens.. many more magical places to see.

O' little princess.. O' little princess.. O' little princess!!

1 comment:

  1. Entire beauty of this wonderful write is, simplicity in choosing the words to depict the deepest of sorrows and loneliness of someone who, having all, yet seem so devoid-ed.

    Once again, you've proved, be it Hindi or any other language, putting them down using letters, doesn't need the expert vocabulary. all it needs is the "FEEL".

    Looking for more to read from you.

    Shubrat Mukherji.